The distributor of BIRDIECAR electric vehicles in Hungary, Nagy és Fiai Kft. Serves its Customers related to the sale, operation and service of various types of electric vehicles, with numerous services.



Professional consultancy for purchase: "A proper electric vehicle for the proper task". In terms of the requirements drafted by the customer, the area of application, the financing opportunities, our professional consultants will help select the appropriate electric vehicle.

A stock of +50 vehicles: our stock of e-vehicles of more than 50 vehicles is available for Our Customers. on the basis of this, you can immediately install and use your vehicles. The earlier 3-month ordering period has been reduced in the case of the types that are most frequently distributed – following the technical inspection – for immediate transportation.

Vehicles test driving: before the purchase and ordering of the electric vehicles, Our Customers can view and try our vehicles at our Budapest seat where, with the help of our colleagues’ active contribution test driving can also take place.

Vehicles transportation: with our special vehicles, we deliver the purchased electric vehicles for Our Customers to the delivery address provided by them.

Financing support: we provide several types of financing constructions to Our Customers. In the case of hire-purchase, the vehicle can be received and installed immediately and, in the meantime, the purchase price can be paid in a predefined manner. The monthly instalments can be accounted for and planned as costs.

Component supply: A Budapest-based particle stock consisting of several thousand pieces guarantees the smooth particle supply of the vehicles and this particle safety is also the basics for efficient service.

Service, service network: well-prepared and experienced service team provides service with short deadlines both in the case of warranty and after-warranty services. With the help of our own service team and service vehicle, we can also take on-site reparations with short deadlines.

Unique wrapping and design: according to the Customer’s requirements, we will make your electric vehicles unique, whether it is about wrapping, unique labelling or subtitling. Our separate business is active in this area.

Vehicle renting: Birdiecar electric vehicles can be rented for shorter or longer periods and for various events. The rented vehicles are delivered to the assigned site if requested.