Electric vehicle renting

In many cases, the services provided by Birdie electric vehicles would only be required for short periods, for example for one day, for one week. Bearing in mind these short-term needs, our company is available to its partners and those interested, with its vehicle renting service.

For various activities, the perfect and practical solution in many cases can be the renting of an electric vehicle:

Our company is prepared and has many years of experience in satisfying the needs in the above listed electric vehicle rental requirements quickly and cost-efficiently. Regarding the rental of electric vehicles, we are available for the rental of 2, 4, 6-passenger vehicles and combined short- and long-flatbed electric vehicles.

Elektromos autó bérlés

There is an opportunity for the rental of our electric vehicles that can be used on public roads but we also have non-public road vehicles. Our rented electric vehicles are delivered to our Customer’s designated place of use with the help of our vehicles prepared for the transportation of our vehicles in the agreed time and, of course, in case required, we can also provide a driver to the rented vehicles.

Following the use, the rented tools are returned

In the case of specific events, the vehicles are designed, labelled and provided with symbols according to the pre-agreed requirements in accordance with the specific promotional aim.

Akkumulátoros autó bérlés

Recently, Birdiecar’s electric vehicles guaranteed comfortable, environmental-friendly transportation at a number of outstanding events, at the satisfaction of Customers. A few examples of our references where Birdiecar vehicles were operated:

For prices and terms and conditions of renting, please contact us at the following contact details:

mobile: +36 30 935 6876; email: info@birdiecar.eu, or request a quote at our quote page!