Electric small cargo vehicle - BC 2048 HR

Electric small cargo vehicle - BC 2048 HR
A BC 2048 HR electric small lorry ideal for areas where the transportation of small-sized and light-weight cargo occurs every day. It is suitable for public road traffic, for the implementation of logistical tasks of hotels, parks, headquarters, ecological areas or any other location where silent and emission-free, as well as environmental-friendly freight transport is obligatory. The openable and closable platform facilitates a simple and not strenuous loading of the packages, Its maximum load capacity is300 kg. The electric passenger vehicle is suitable for the comfortable transportation of 4 persons at a maximum speed of 40 km/hour, with an extremely low operational cost of one charging on every 80 km with 300 Hungarian Forints/100 km.

Technical data

Birdiecar BC 2048 HR electric small cargo vehicle main technical data of
Engine 48 V/5.3KW (7,10 LE) Sepex
Accumlator 8 Trojan T 105 Plus (225Ah@20 hr)
Transportable persons 4 persons
Range (on level ground) 80 km
Maximum allowed speed 40 km/h
Turning radius 3,5 m
Gradability 20%
Maximum load capacity 300 kg
Net weigh (with accumulators) 710 kg
Detailed technical data of BC 2048 HR electric small lorry

Optional accessories

  • akkumlátor - e-auto Birdiecar


  • ponyvakabin - e-auto Birdiecar

    Rain enclosures

  • vezérlés - e-auto Birdiecar

    Control modules

  • napelem - e-auto Birdiecar

    Solar panels

  • fedélzeti töltő - e-auto Birdiecar

    On-board chargers

  • állófűtés - e-auto Birdiecar

    Webasto parking heater

  • villogó, fényhíd - e-auto Birdiecar

    Beacons, light bars

  • gumiabroncs - e-auto Birdiecar


Masszív felépítés - birdiecar e-kisteherauto Műszerfal - birdiecar e-kisteherauto Vezetőkabin - birdiecar e-kisteherauto Platós rakodótér - birdiecar e-kisteherauto Lenyitható raktér - birdiecar e-kisteherauto Világítás, index - birdiecar e-kisteherauto 4 fő kényelmes szállítása - birdiecar e-kisteherauto 3 Ft/km költség - birdiecar e-kisteherauto

Main characteristics

Function: passenger transportation, small cargo transportation

Range: 80 km

Transportable persons: 4 persons

Category: slow vehicle

Suitable for public roads: yes

Documents to download

BC 2048 HR műszaki adatok A BC 2048 HR akkumulátoros kisteher szállító műszaki adatai, teljesítmény adatai, felszereltsége, rendelhető verziói Downloadss

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