Electric lorry - BC 6030 H01

Electric lorry - BC 6030 H01
BC 6030 H01 accumlator-run mover is ideal for all kinds of local logistical tasks where the task is forwarding inside the headquarters or between headquarters combined with public roads. With its carrying capacity big enough (of 1500 kg), the e-lorry can also perfectly implement the logistics of factories, headquarters, warehouses in an environmentally friendly way. With a single charging, it can complete a distance of up to 50 km on level ground with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The carrying capacity is ensured by a welded steel frame and a proper power system, as well as a proper 2-circle hydraulic brake system. Our vehicles are equipped with safety belts, hand brakes, reversing indicators, speed metres and alert lights, horns and drink holders ensuring comfortable and safe environmental-friendly use. They can manage with a "fuel cost" of around 300 Hungarian Forints per 100 km, which is less than the cost of one litre of traditional fuel to be paid at the petrol station! Optionally, the lorry can also be ordered with a unique construction. Our vehicles’ basic colours are white, orange and red.

Technical data

The main technical data of Birdiecar BC 6030 H01 electric lorry
Engine 48 V/5.0KW (6,70 LE) Sepex
Accumlator 8 Trojan T 105 Plus (225Ah@20 hr)
Transportable persons 2 persons
Range (on level ground) 60 km
Maximum allowed speed 25(40) km/h
Turning radius 4,3 m
Gradability 20%
Maximum load capacity 1.500 kg
Net weigh (with accumulators) 980 kg
Detailed technical data of BC 6030 H01 electric lorry

Optional accessories

  • akkumlátor - e-auto Birdiecar


  • ponyvakabin - e-auto Birdiecar

    Rain enclosures

  • vezérlés - e-auto Birdiecar

    Control modules

  • napelem - e-auto Birdiecar

    Solar panels

  • fedélzeti töltő - e-auto Birdiecar

    On-board chargers

  • állófűtés - e-auto Birdiecar

    Webasto parking heater

  • villogó, fényhíd - e-auto Birdiecar

    Beacons, light bars

  • gumiabroncs - e-auto Birdiecar


Ipari teherszállítás - birdiecar e-teherauto Raktári anyagmozgatásra - birdiecar e-teherauto Lenyítható masszív raktér - birdiecar e-teherauto Lenyítható raktér, hozzáférés - birdiecar e-teherauto Közel 1,5 tonna teherbírás - birdiecar e-teherauto Kis szélesség - birdiecar e-teherauto Világos vezetőfülke - birdiecar e-teherauto Közúti forgalomra is alkalmas - birdiecar e-teherauto

Main characteristics

Function: freight transport

Range: 60 km

Transportable persons: 2 persons

Category: electric vehicle

Suitable for public roads: sometimes


In our video, we are presenting the Birdiecar BC 6030 H01 electric lorry.

Documents to download

Technical data of BC 6030 H01 Technical data, performance data, equipment and versions to be ordered of BC 6030 H01 electric lorry in pdf format Downloads

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