Electric passenger transportation

In recent years, processes relating to the development of electrically driven vehicles have been accelerated, and thanks to the revolutionary technical solutions electric vehicles now provide more competitive solutions than their regular counterparts with combustion engines.

It is also true for electric cars that for a particular purpose the appropriate electric vehicle solution should be selected by taking the special features and performance data of the vehicles into consideration.

Birdiecar elektromos autók

But what are these special features?

There is no pollution

It is not only that electric vehicles produce zero pollution, which is an issue central to environmental awareness. Furthermore, the “lack” of exhaust fumes enhances user experience, makes our vehicle health-friendly, and allows use both in downtown and closed areas. In addition to the above, it is another advantage that electric vehicles produce a minimum level of noise.

Easy recharging

Recharging electric vehicles causes no problem today. The batteries of Birdiecar vehicles may be easily recharged by using a battery charger at the company’s premises, or by plugging the on-board charger of the vehicle to any 230V socket.

Appropriate performance

Birdiecar electric vehicles offer competitive solutions in their category. They allow passenger transportation from two to fourteen (29) people, freight transport up to 2,000 kg and a range up to 100 km, just to mention the most important parameters.

Low operating costs

Electric vehicles in general and those of Birdiecar in particular may be operated at affordable cost levels. Energy costs for 100 kilometres are approximately HUF 300, which is incomparable to the operating costs of their regular counterparts with combustion engines.

Also for street use

Birdiecar electric vehicles may naturally be used in public road traffic as well. Our electric buses are registered as slow-moving vehicles with number plates, and our other types of vehicles may also be used in public road traffic in category L7E (four wheel motorcycle). Similarly to regular passenger cars, our electric cars also undergo technical inspection that is valid for a period of four years (Birdie Bus: 3 years), and may be driven with a driving licence category B (Birdie Bus: category D).

Birdiecar electric car solutions

Electric passenger vehicles

Birdiecar electric vehicles, passenger cars and golf cars may be operated at an extremely low cost level, and the smallest vehicle is suitable for the transportation of 2 people while the largest one may comfortably carry 6 people. Our electric passenger vehicles may be used in public road traffic, and have a load capacity of 450 kg.

Electric lorries

Birdiecar electric lorries have been developed to perform industrial and logistics tasks, but they may also be used in every field where fume free transportation is of major importance. The battery-powered electric lorries have a load capacity of 800-2000 kg, and may also be used in public road traffic.

Electric small cargo vehicles

Birdiecar electric small cargo vehicles may also perform passenger and freight transportation tasks, and are suitable for the simultaneous transportation of 4 people and a cargo of up to 300 kg. Thanks to their zero emission, electric vehicles may be used in areas where their regular counterparts with combustion engines are not allowed.

Electric buses

In the Birdiecar electric bus range, the smallest electric bus BC 6088 is suitable for the transportation of 8 people for a range of up to 100 km, while electric bus BC 6158 K may also carry as many as 29 people. Comfortable, silent, sophisticated and fume-free form of passenger transportation even in public road traffic.