Electric buses

In recent years, electrically driven, battery-powered buses have become increasingly popular and widespread not only in special fields of passenger transportation, but they also tend to become competitors with regard to the tasks of general passenger transportation in small towns. The advantages are obvious: no exhaust fume, higher passenger comfort, environmentally-friendly technology and extremely low operating costs, just to mention the most important factors. In the case of special tasks – transportation in closed areas and protected downtown areas – electric buses with zero emission obviously have competitive advantage.

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The main advantages of Birdiecar electric buses


It is not only that electric buses practically have zero emission, which is an issue central to environmental awareness. Furthermore, the “lack” of exhaust fumes enhances user experience, makes the electric buses health-friendly solutions, and allows their use in protected downtown or closed areas. In addition to the above, it is another advantage that electric buses produce a minimum level of noise.


The electric buses of Birdiecar offer competitive solutions in their category. Passenger transportation from eight to twenty-nine people in public road traffic, a range of up to 100 km and low investment costs, just to mention the most important parameters.


Electric small cargo vehicles and electric buses in general and those of Birdiecar in particular may be operated at affordable cost levels. Energy costs for 100 kilometres are approximately HUF 300, which is incomparable to the operating costs of their regular counterparts with combustion engines. Recharging electric buses causes no problem today. The batteries of Birdiecar buses may be easily recharged by using a battery charger at the company’s premises, or by plugging the on-board charger of the vehicle to any 230V socket .

Birdiecar electric buses


Birdiecar 6088 K electric bus has been basically developed for environmentally-friendly, health-friendly and fume-free solution freight transport. The battery-powered small cargo vehicle allows passenger transportation for eight people, has a range of 80km , and can be operated for approximately HUF 3 for 1 km.

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Birdiecar 6158 K electric bus was developed for an environmentally sound, health-friendly and exhaust-free passenger transport. The accumulator-operated bus may transport up to 29 passengers, its effective range is 80 km, and the cost of travelling 1 km is around HUF 3.

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