Electric cars: the natural-economic-social processes occurring in the world every time mean a greater need towards alternative transport, traffic solutions. Zero emission, low noise load, high travel comfort and cost-saving operability, low consumption of the current challenges of our time, which aims require ever greater market shares both in passenger transportation and in freight transportation.

As the distributors of Birdiecar electric vehicles, we have been saying for years that at certain areas of mobility, the best solution that already exists is the application of accumulator-run, electric vehicles. Focusing on this area, our company primarily does design, import and assembly of new electric passenger and small cargo vehicles as well as the sale of industrial electric vehicles, from its headquarters in Hungary and its domestic reseller’s network.

The flawless and safe operation of Our BirdieCar Accumlator-run vehicles is made smooth and seamless at all times by our central particle base of several thousands of items and our own professional service network and a group of trained experts, as well as those of our partners, at a national level. Our vehicles are transported with a 2-year full-scale guarantee but, if required, the period of guarantee can be extended.

The BirdieCar experience: smokeless and noiseless engine operation, quick chargeability from a normal network, extra low consumption, low requirement for maintenance, suitability for public roads, customized solutions make Birdiecar electric vehicles the ideal choice both for users and operators in order to solve their passenger and freight transportation tasks.

Zsombor Nagy

Birdiecar electric vehicles

The future of electric vehicles



The future of electric vehicles

In the recent decades, in particular, in the recent few years, electric vehicles have made explosive progress. Today it is not a question anymore whether electricity stored in accumulators, as fuel, in certain areas, is absolutely compatible with combustion engine. Why is electric drive compatible?

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